Recommended Books

The reading list is intended to be a living document of books recommended by our site visitors. To submit a book to be placed on the list, email the book title and author to along with a brief summary.


United States of America’s Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients and their Official Citations published by Highland House.

This book provides a brief history of the Medal of Honor followed by listing of every recipient of the Medal of Honor with rank, branch of service, and an account of the heroic action for which the award was presented.

Above and Beyond, A History of the Medal of Honor form the Civil War to Vietnam published by the Boston Publishing Company.

This book provides the stories of many Medal of Honor recipients along with a brief overview of America’s wars.

Here Rests in Honored Glory, by Andrew DeKever

This book is a collection of biographies of ten Medals of Honor recipients from the Civil War to the conflict in Somalia.

Exclusion of Black Soldiers from the Medal of Honor in World War II: The Study Commissioned by the U.S. Army by Elliott V. Converse, John A. Cash, Daniel K. Gibran

This study, commissioned by the Army, documented the process by which the Medal of Honor was awarded from December 7, 1941, through September 1, 1948; to identify units in which African Americans served; to identify by name all black soldiers whose names were submitted for the medal and to document any errors in the processing of their nominations; and to compile a list of all black soldiers who received the Distinguished Service Cross. Based on this work, in January 1997 President Clinton awarded seven African Americans the Medal of Honor.
“Hidden Heroism: Black Soldiers in America's Wars,” by Robert B. Edgerton, 2001
This book reviews the history of Afro-American participation in American wars, from the French and Indian War to the present.

African-American Recipients of the Medal of Honor: A Biographical Dictionary, Civil War through Vietnam War by Charles W. Hannah

The stories of 88 African Americans who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Among them are Clement Dees, a deserter whose medal was later revoked; several of the "buffalo soldiers" who fought in the Indian Wars; and Naval Landsman Aaron Anderson, a recipient during the Civil War whose medal was erroneously issued under the name Aaron Sanderson.

Medal of Honor, Potraits of Valor - Beyond the Call of Duty by Peter Collier

Potraits of 138 living or recently deceased Medal of Honor recipients.

Civil War

Stealing the General by Russel S. Bond.

This book provides a comprehensive review of Andrews Raiders from the planning to steal “the General” through the awarding of Medals of Honor to the participants.

Daring and Suffering by William Pittenger.

This book provides a first person account of the “Great Locomotive Chase” and his subsequent capture, imprisonment, and release by the Confederate States of America.

The Badge of Gallantry: Letters from Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Winners by Joseph B. Mitchell, James Otis.

This book is a collection of letters and stories of the Civil War Medal of Honor recipients that reflect insights into the human side of war.

Indian Wars

Buffalo Soldiers by Thomas Willard

A fictional story of an African-American buffalo hunter turned soldier. The story traces the history of the African-American soldier from 1866 through 1917.

Black Valor: Buffalo Soldiers and the Medal of Honor, 1870-1898 by Frank N. Schubert

Black Valor is an informative account of the individual military careers of 23 black American soldiers who were presented with the Medal of Honor between the end of the Civil War and the start of World War I–the majority being men who served in the 1870­1891 Indian wars.

World War II

Back from the Deep by Carl Lavo

A World War II saga that follows the sister boats Squalus (Sailfish) and the Sculpin from the Squalus sinking during a test dive in 1939 thru the Sculpin crewman who survived as Japanese POWs.

Lasting Valor by Vernon J. Baker

Lasting Valor is the story of Vernon J. Baker from his early life as an orphan raised by his grandparents and in Father Flanagan's Home through his service in a segregated army during World War II. The book tells of some of the most dramatic acts of courage during the Mediterranean theater.

The Unlikeliest Hero by Booten Herndon

The story of PFC Desmond Doss, the soldier who wouldn't touch a gun.


Medal of Honor: One Man's Journey from Poverty and Prejudice by Roy Benavidez

Roy Benevidez begins his autobiography by tracing his Hispanic and Indian roots in Texas, how he dealt with poverty, prejudice and being orphaned. He details his life from this beginning to his service with American Special Forces in Vietnam and post-Vietnam service.

Men of Honor: Thirty-Eight Highly Decorated Marines of World War II, Korea and Vietnam by Kenneth N. Jordan, Sr.

Men of Honor selectively highlights several U.S. Marine heroes during World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Cold War

Blind Man’s Bluff by Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew

The authors detail some of the cold war’s most daring submarine espionage missions. The main thrust of the book is the story of tapping crucial Soviet underwater telephone cables; however, other submarine exploits are included.